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What we're all about

Helping you do what you love without the fear of pain coming back again.

We are a physiotherapy clinic in East Vancouver located inside Tonume Integrated Health that specializes in helping people who are suffering from low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and vertigo. We recognize that these conditions are frustrating, limiting and can leave people immobile, dependent on others, and missing out on activities that they should be doing. We want to help you end your pain and stiffness without relying on pain killers, so that you can do what’s most important to you without fear of pain coming back again.

We know it can be quite easy to wait the pain out and let it “disappear” with medication and rest. Unfortunately that is not how it usually works, and it often can get worse than when it first started. If the pain does go away for the moment, it may be because we are masking the pain with medication or avoiding the activities that are important to us.

It can also be tempting to go to youtube, google, or watch an online fitness guru to self diagnose the problem and figure out stretches and exercises that will alleviate the condition. However, every individual is unique in their condition – two people with the same pain may have different causes to their pain. To get the most out of your recovery, it is recommended to see a therapist face to face.

Or maybe you’ve already seen a health care practitioner, or even a physiotherapist, and have left feeling skeptical, discouraged, or frustrated at the level of help received.

Is this you?

If this sounds like you, we understand. You are not alone. Many of our clients at Zachary Hum Physiotherapy have often:

Tried exercises from youtube, google, or fitness gurus that made their condition worse

Thought that they would have to “accept it” and “live with the pain”

Thought the pain would go away if they just rested it

Had no pain as long as they stopped doing “____” or were careful when they did ” ____”

Accepted it as a  part of growing old 

Had temporary relief with physiotherapy and other therapies, but it never fully went away

Tried painkillers with minimal success

If you can relate...

If you can relate, we would love to connect you with our physiotherapist in East Vancouver to see what can be done to help you get out of pain. And if you have tried many things before and they have not helped…that is not a bad thing at all! This actually brings us one step closer to knowing what will help you. The goal of this call is to help YOU and to figure out what steps are best for you to get to where you want to be.

Patient suffering from back pain
Zachary Hum

About Zachary Hum

Zachary has been a practicing physiotherapist in Kingston, Ontario since 2015. After meeting his wife in BC a few years ago, he moved to Vancouver in 2021. In his spare time, Zachary enjoys bouldering, basketball, and volleyball; if not playing sports, you can find him playing guitar or reading a good book.  

After receiving his Master’s degree in Physiotherapy at Queens University, Zachary has made a life-long commitment to learning and striving to provide excellent service to his patients.

His clinical interest lies in optimizing movement of the human body and resolving musculoskeletal conditions involving pain, headaches, and dizziness. What fascinates Zachary is the intricacy of the human body and how everything works together. With that in mind, you can count on him to look at your body holistically to find the source of your pain!

His approach to therapy includes identifying the patterns of movement and posture that are not optimal, and then resetting the communication between the brain and the body to enhance the recovery process of the patient.

Zachary also holds a strong belief that patients play an active role in their own recovery in order to achieve their desired goals. Therefore, patients will not only receive hands-on therapy and education, but also exercises that empower, maintain, and strengthen their bodies for independence.

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